This is a quick guide to the Slack. We currently have 362 members, so some guidelines are helpful!

  • #announcements: Slack doesn’t allow members to leave this main channel, and it generally shouldn’t have idle chitchat. Example uses: announcing a meetup and some brief discussion, introducing new members, routing people to the right channels, and news that applies to everyone.
  • #chitchat: Anything is welcome, as long as it follows our code of conduct
  • #programming: General programming discussion. Git, text editors, FP, OOP, exception handling, stuff like that.
  • #jobs: Tech job postings in the Corridor. (Listings in this channel should be limited to jobs that are local to the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area, or remote-friendly jobs.) You’re welcome to post here if you’re looking for work, as well. A best practice is to use direct messages to continue the conversation.

Best Practices

  • Please avoid use of @channel and @here, especially in #announcements. Also, please note that these notifications can be disabled if you find them distracting (especially during the workday).
  • Generally, @channel and @here should only be used for time-sensitive messages in specific channels that they affect.

Thanks for helping us scale up this Slack! Please continue to share with your friends. Here’s to the next 362 members. :)